Pamilacan Island: Dolphin Watching

One of the things that I really insisted we do in Bohol, was to go Dolphin watching!


I’ve visited Bohol several times, but I have never tried going Dolphin watching. So during this trip, the mermaid in me was just super excited when we finally decided to try our luck to see dolphins!

So prior going on the trip, we did a lot of research on how to get there and what tour offers where available. This is also one of the reasons why we opted to stay in Baclayon, since it was closer to the port where local bangkas (boats) were available to bring us to the island. It was even more convenient that Sally, the owner of the house we stayed in, was kind enough to arrange a tour for us to go to Pamilacan Island.


We woke up super early that day, had morning tea and before heading off to the port.

It took 45 minutes to reach the island, good thing we left early (just before the sunrise).


We were super anxious and excited at the same time. The boat man mentioned that it wasn’t assured that we will see dolphins, since even if the guides  were experienced and trained to know which part of the island is more likely to have sightings, it will still depend on circumstances like weather. They also mentioned that there were guest before who went on the same tour and were not fortunate enough to spot them. This really added to our worries, since we were really really hoping to see them.

Fingers crossed!

When we reached the island the guide gave us a short introduction and orientation he also gave us time to ask questions.

After that we were lead to another boat (a smaller one this time) and  as we head to the first spot, we weren’t able to see any dolphins this made us really worried. Some of the articles we read prior this trip mentioned that dolphin sightings can sometimes be just a quick 2 – 3 minutes and others mentioned that they were’t able to see them during their visit.


As we head to another spot…


One by one they started popping out!


Then there were more!

They started swimming by our boat.


Left and right we could see dolphins!

It was super tempting to just dive in and see them up close!

Simply an amazing experience.

We were even lucky enough that it wasn’t just a quick 2  – 3 minutes sighting,

it lasted long and we were able to see them swim around  the area



It was also fun seeing then jump and flip. 

After the exciting Dolphin watching, it was still early, so we decided to stay for a bit to have a quick dip at the beach. We even took a stroll and explore the island.


If ever your planning a trip to Bohol, I highly recommend you try this!

It was simply a majestic experience, being able to see these energetic creatures in their natural habitat will definitely be worth the trip.

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