Exploring Nusa Penida


Deciding to go on a day tour to Nusa Penida, Bali was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Super thankful that my friend Zaira stumbled upon this hidden gem and suggested it for our trip. Never expected I’d be captivated with the beauty of this majestic island.


Planning for the trip

We booked an exclusive tour for 5 which cost IDR 550,000 each (~Php 2,200). The package includes hotel transfers, ferry tickets, an exclusive van, lunch and an English speaking guide. It’s relatively the same rate if you want to do a DIY trip.


Just in case your wondering: 

Ferry tickets would cost around IDR 225,000 – 275,000 each one way depending on which ferry you’ll take, One day exclusive van rental is IDR 500,000.


Contrary to the common conception that getting a guide and a tour package is more expensive, you will definitely get your money’s worth on this especially if your just planning to go there for a day.


Here are some of the reasons why I highly recommend that you get a guide

1. They know the place inside and out – some of the spots can be quite difficult to go to with the unpaved roads and muddy terrain, guides know the best route and handles all the logistical arrangements

2. They will help you maximize the time you’ll spend on the island – especially if you need to catch the boat back to Sanur Beach in the afternoon (it will only give you about 5 -6  hours to explore the island)

3. Some of them make awesome photographers! – They’ll help you get those insta-worthy shots if needed =)


Getting there

From our hotel in Seminyak it takes about 33 mins to get to Sanur Beach where the ferry is. We arrived a bit early since the ferry usually leaves on time and we wouldn’t want to miss it.

If you happen to arrive early like we did,  you can opt try the coffee at this place its really near the waiting area.




As part of the package we got, there was no need for us to line up and get tickets since the driver already has them. We were glad that we are taking the Mola-Mola Express, which is a fast boat to Nusa Penida and it will only take us about 30 t0 40 mins to get there. They only have 2 trips going to Nusa Penida and back Sanur each day (one in the morning and another in the afternoon), one other reason why being late is not an option.

Upon arrival you will be welcomed by your guide/driver and you’ll directly proceed with the tour.


Sites to see

Pohon Cinta


Before arriving to Nusa Penida, I was wondering how people get up this tree for this photo. You’ll find out once you visit! =)


Kelingking Beach

Just a short walk from Puhon Cinta, you’ll find this majestic view.

Honestly when we arrived here it took our breath away! We were at awe with what was in front of us and it really took me a while to digest that places like this do exist. The clear turquoise water, the relaxing sound of the waves and the cool sea breeze, truly a paradise.

It was hard to resist going down and take a dip, but apparently its quite difficult and we didn’t have enough time.



Pasih Uug/Broken Beach

After, we went back to the van for a  short drive  to Pasih Uug also known as the Broken Beach. This place is just as beautiful as the previous site! I wished I had a drone this place just screams AERIAL SHOTS!


Moving to our next destination. Another short walk from the Broken Beach is where you’ll find Angels Billabong.

Angels Billabong

This spot is by far my favorite in the island =)

It offers a stunning natural infinity pool leading all the way to the sea. Sometimes due to certain conditions like strong waves, guest are not allowed to go down, luckily our guide gave us a go signal. If you are not quite used to climbing it can be quite difficult to go down and back up, since you will only relay on the natural features of the rocks and they can also be a bit sharp.


Can you see me in the photo?

Crystal Bay Beach

DSC_Bali_07 (2)

Last spot we visited before heading back to the port is the Crystal Bay Beach, if you would want to take a quick dip you can do so,  guides also offer  snorkeling tours if you want.

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